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Current Members Share the impact of WINGS...


Enriching Community


“The wonderful WINGS environment allows me to share anything about my faith. Coming to WINGS has helped me respond to my growing and true self.”


“WINGS was my gift to me when I retired. It is an inspiring community of women (of all ages) - a great place to learn and share - and a good place to regroup with God in the middle of the week.”


Learn and Grow in Faith


“WINGS is a place where I can learn about my Catholic faith in a way that isn’t possible anywhere else. It challenges me and gives me a new way to look at things and helps me to grow in my faith each week.”


“What I learn at WINGS reminds me to keep my eyes on God’s standards, not on the worlds. Participating every week is the kick in the pants that I need to stay close to God.”


Inspiring Speakers


“I like to hear the terrific speakers. We all are on a journey in life and the speakers keep us moving forward on our individual paths to God.”


“I always take something away from WINGS  - something the speaker said, a verse from a song or prayer or something someone said in small group.”


Learn from One Another


“The community is wonderful - warm friendships.  I love our faith sharing groups – we get to listen, love and accompany people on their faith journey which helps us on our own journey.”


“Members say things that I didn’t think of so I come away doubly enriched. I am happy to be able to share without feeling self conscience.”

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